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Media Service

Sound-recordings are made from all our services on Sunday mornings and Biblestudies on Wednesday evenings. These are available as MP3-sound-files, which you can download on this website. The medium of communication is Dutch.


To obtain that MP3-files we bring you a small fee. This money is used for maintenance and improvement of the Media Service.


You will need an 'account' to make use of this service. That's why you should report to the Media Service. Use for this the registration form (in Dutch). After receipt and handling of it you can log in and download.



On the registration form you indicate whether you want to subscribe on the MP3-service. You may choose from a half-yearly or annual subscription.


The Media Service offers you all new recordings in this subscription period.

In each case you receive a message (e-mail) when (new) downloads are ready for you.


After expiration of this period you still have opportunity for four weeks to download the available recordings. If you do not continue your subscription within this time or change it into a 'non-subscription' (see below), you will not be able to log in any longer.


The costs amount:

  • €12,50 for a period of six months
  • €20,00 for a period of twelve months


Every new user gets a trial subscription (free of charge) for a month.

You can test then whether this way of working pleases you.


No subscription

You can also ask for an account without subscription for a certain period of time.

Then you order with the Media service the MP3-files or packets, you want to have.

The costs amount €0,50 per recording of a service or Biblestudy.

For MP3-packets special 'packet'-prices apply.

You receive a message (e-mail) when an (ordered) MP3 is ready for you.


Also for this participation of the MP3-service, a registration form is required.

Choose with 'subscription' the option: 'No'.

Your 'non-subscription' is valid till the end of the (current) calendar year.

In each case you can extend it (free of charge) for the duration of one year.

Multimedia centre

You can also get recordings of earlier services and Biblestudies.

Consult our Multimedia centre and order the desired recording(s) online.

MP3-files are being prepared for you. You will receive message of it (e-mail).

These orders cost €0,50 per recording.



You can also get MP3-files on CD. They are sent to you by common post.

The additional (mailing) costs are charged.


Special offers

The Media Service offers MP3-packets of series of sermons of Biblestudies.

Click here for an overview (Dutch section). You can order these packets online.